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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Flying while rambling

Classes started last week and I just did not feel as prepared as I usually am. So in this second week I am already playing catch up. I feel like I am going full speed ahead and yet I see very little evidence of my work. I think it is because I am looking at what I have left to do. I have a lot left to do. And of course nothing is going as planned.

Jonathan Brinkhorst
I started a 6 week challenge. Thinking about it I am not sure what the challenge is exactly. I know that I meet with a personal trainer three times a week and for 30 minutes I sweat more than my body weight. And once a month I get weighed. And there is a meal plan. So it is almost like Weight Watchers, but with a lot of food restrictions and a fitness dude. There are push-ups involved. Lots of push-ups, squats, and holding planks for FOREVER. And there are cute little kettlebells that are evil. Pure evil. But they are helping me get the work done. this is week number two. I even discovered that I like lentils. My goal is to drop some weight to take pressure off of my knees. Then I plan to ramp up my running. I haven't eaten a chunk of miles in a very long time. I miss them. I miss how my body felt after 10 miles.

I have been teaching yoga to elementary school kids. So much fun.

I am trying not to get overwhelmed and I am failing miserably. But I am doing the best I can. most days anyway. Some days not so much. I am trying to make myself believe that everyone else is crazy and that I am the only sane one. Most days it seems that way, at least to me. At least today, but I have not had any sugar in a few days so my worldview is slightly skewed.

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