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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Flying with a lot of new going on

 The other day I got a new bike. The one in front. I actually rode it 22 miles. This is significant because it was a new bike, new shoes, new clips on the shoes, new gears, and new bike shorts. That is a lot of newness happening all at one time.  

I was nervous. This bike is a lot sleeker, lighter, jazzier, and advanced than my previous bike. I did get a bit frustrated clipping in. I had no issues clipping out (which is a very good thing).

I was so worried that I was going to fall that in fact I did fall. On grass this time which was nice, but not as much fun as telling people that I fell in a swamp. A guy in a truck pulled over and ran out to help me. That was very nice. It was especially nice since the guy was white. I know that it shouldn't matter and it really doesn't. It's just that after all of the hate going around, it is nice to know that there are people who do not subscribe to that rhetoric. And he did not even think about race because he jumped out of his truck immediately. Normally I would not have noticed, but now I am a bit more aware of these things. This is new for me, really thinking about skin color.

I am not sure I am happy about that. I mean I always notice how many of 'us' are in a room, but not out in traffic. A whole lot of new going on.

I think our country is in a state of awakening. Just because people have remained silent does not mean all is well. I feel like the next chapter of civil rights is unfolding. People are rethinking and people are researching. I now know the history of the national anthem and many other things.

A whole lot of new going on.

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