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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Flying into the next month

Eric Rothermel
Tomorrow is a new month. And the year is almost over. I already saw Halloween decorations in the grocery store. And those dreaded cinnamon brooms which give me a headache.

So much has happened and yet it is hard for me to remember exactly what I have done so far. I mean I have run two marathons, two half marathons, become a Pound pro (that is a story for a different day), and got diagnosed with osteoarthritis. There it is the good, bad, and the ugly. And that is not even everything. It's funny what we remember without going back to read the notes on our calendar or in my case my journals. I have been journaling since 1990 and trust me there is a lot of stuff in those books.

Tomorrow is a new month. Another opportunity to begin again. I feel the need to do something differently. At the moment I have no idea what that even looks like and I have less than 24 hours to put something in play. I was supposed to be thinking about it while doing laps today, but I did not. And I am not really thinking about it right now, not full force anyway.

Perhaps subconsciously the plan is in motion. And maybe it isn't. I have time. It's all on me. I am not seeking anyone's approval. I just want something different. And maybe that begins with a new hair color. Hey, one small change can be the catalyst for many more.