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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flying with a loss

It happened last night. The Crimson Tide lost. It had to happen. I knew that. We all knew that, but it still stung a tiny bit. Okay, maybe more than a tiny bit. We have much to be proud of. I mean the team went 14-0 for the season. It can boast 16 national championships. Not too shabby. And the team will come back stronger and wiser next season.

We all have seasons of greatness. And then we have seasons when it is very difficult to remember anything good that happened. Finding or remembering the good can be incredibly difficult when major catastrophes happen. If you the roof blows off of your house you may not remember that you got a new puppy. Or that A on your final.

Anyway, nothing lasts forever including winning streaks and losing streaks. The seasons do change. This year make an extra effort to count the great things that happen in your life so that when the not-so-good or bad things happen you can (even if only for a hot second) reflect on something good. That just might take the sting out of the other stuff. Bad things happen to good people. I would be happy if the bad and good in my life were equal. Okay, of course I would love to have many more good things happen in my life, but I would be content with them being equal.

Alabama lost last night. There are many lessons to be learned. They will spend countless hours watching the footage. There will be many tears. (Sounds like my life minus the actual game footage). The team will come back stronger and can we all.