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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flying while running cold

It seemed like a good idea at the time, signing up for a half marathon a few days before. I mean I run 10 miles almost every Sunday. What's three more miles, right?

I didn't have a plan other than not to get lost. That is first and foremost in my mind after my last marathon. I was just going to run it like a training run nice and easy. No pressure. Part of the race was along the ocean so I figured I would spend some time looking for dolphins and the lighthouse since it was the Save the Lighthouse race. In actuality I did neither. I was too busy focusing on how cold I was.

I started out according to plan or my non-plan. The goal was to motivate another runner. That lasted for about two miles. Then we sped up. Then we hit strong winds. My face froze. My fingers got numb. I thought my nose fell off except it kept running. And I was sweating. By mile nine I was done, by mile ten I was ready to quit. Didn't I ask what's three more miles? I was also wondering why I thought doing this race was a good idea. Okay, saving a lighthouse is a very good reason, right?

I learned things: I do not like running in the cold. Pacing is important. There is pleasure in passing certain people. I love my Nike vest. Ponytail hats rock! I should always keep hand warmers in my running bag. I am stringer than I think. It can get very cold on the beach. Sometimes just showing up is a win and finishing is the prize.