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Friday, October 30, 2015

Flying with vampires on Halloween and other days, a re-post

It is Halloween tomorros, so I felt the need to talk about vampires, the psychic kind that we are more likely to encounter in our daily lives.

I just had to write about psychic vampires. I never even heard of the term until a dear sistergirlfriend explained it.

lee Scott

We all know psychic vampires and at times we may even be one. A psychic vampire is a person who sucks the energy out of you if you are around her for any period of time. You know, the person who whines and complains about EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME. The person who NEVER HAS ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

The psychic vampire is not a bad person, maybe she is just unhappy with her life right now. She usually needy, is never content, has many feelings of abandonment or rejection , and needs a lot of validation and confirmation. Yes, we all go through periods like that. Most of us snap out of them when circumstances and situations change, but not her. Her life never seems to shift gears. She appears to be stuck and unwilling or unable to make a change for the better.

The best thing you can for yourself when a psychic vampire comes around is limit your exposure. She is your friend and you want the best for her, but DO NOT spend another Friday night listening to her mope. Meet her for a drink and call it a night. DO NOT stay for dinner! The best thing you can do for her is pray. If she has been like this for a while, she needs more help than you can give her.

Just for fun, I took the Energy Junkie Quiz: Are You A Psychic Vampire? It was 20 questions and my score indicates that I am not an energy sucker! I am not a psychic vampire. Take the quiz (


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