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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flying with a victory

I chart my daily milage using Daily Mile.  In August I ran my highest amount of miles ever. Or at least in my memory. I have run 151 miles. that is a lot of miles. I am proud of myself. I should celebrate. I am not sure how. But I know I should. It took a lot of doing and the help of friends. I did not do this alone. I have amazing friends who come out to help me get my marathon training miles in.

I mean how many of you have friends who meet you at 4am to run 20 miles? I certainly do. And of course I will return the favor. I will run 20 miles with them on September 26th which is AFTER my own marathon.
So my celebration of miles, while is my own comes with the great assistance of my friends. I cannot image running 20 miles by myself. I know people do it, but it is much more tolerable with friends and my sister who follows us in a car. She makes sure we have water, Gatorade, snacks, and a ride home if needed.

So congratulations to me and to my friends who made sure it happened. Cupcake, anyone?


Mark R. Fuchs said...

It is a commendable accomplishment and cupcakes are the appropriate celebratory snack! September has started and I am confident you and the crew will average 4.87 miles each day!

Anonymous said...

This Air Force Diva is proud to be one of the 3 Veteran Divas that get the long miles in with you at 4am on Sundays. We sure are representing Air Force, Army and Marine Corp proudly. Love you Girl.


This is super great!!! Great accomplishment