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Friday, October 2, 2015

Flying with my yard, FINALLY

I used to have the worst yard in my subdivision. Okay, maybe not but my yard was far from pretty. The word 'beautiful' would never ever be associated with my yard before last week. I was also a bit paranoid because I am the only African American in this subdivision. Not that there has ever been any racial aggression happening here, I just felt weird having a bad yard and being black at the same time. Yeah, I went there.

Truth be told, grass doesn't grow in my front yard. It is full sun all day long. I have even sodded it to no avail. I asked, no I begged my dear sistergirlfriend Jane to come help me and she did. I asked her because she has an amazing yard with very little grass.

I am a fan of organic looking natural spaces and even more of a fan of a low-to-no maintenance lawn. And now I have that. What you cannot see in this picture is the rye grass that I planted last week. It is sprouting beautifully. I will also thin out my monkey grass and add it to the bare spots. So I now have a yard I am proud of. Now let's see what the homeowners' association people say about it.