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Monday, May 25, 2015

Flying with unexpected blessings, a re-post

This was posted a couple years ago, but the message is still very relevant. 

I ran 10 miles the other day. It had been a very long time since I had run that far and it showed. Not only did it hurt, we got drenched along the first 5 miles. That was not so bad since it cooled us off. And the ocean breeze was wonderful. The biggest blessing came as we were running back to our cars. We saw money. 

Stefanus Martanto Setyo Husodo

Yes, money. Not money that fell out of an armored car, but a bunch of coins. Not one or two or even 10, but much more than that. We stopped and picked them up. I counted over $2 when I got home. I am not sure how much the others had.

True, it isn't much. It won't allow me to fix my roof, pay back my student loans, but it is more than I had before the run. And it was much more than I had ever found on the pavement before and it is certainly much more than any of us had expected to find that morning. 

The key is that we were paying attention. Okay, one of us was and she alerted the rest of us. That small event turned a long run into a paid run. It sort of validated our reason for being out there. Yes, I am stretching things a bit, but trust me while we were running it made perfect sense. So, from now on I will pay a bit more attention to the ground.

You never know when a blessing can come from.
Teena Marie


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