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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flying with Thursday's Word with Brenda Smith

Thursday's Word

Breno Machado
Sometimes in life all you can think about is the grace and mercy of Jesus. Sometimes all you need to know is that He is there for you and that He promised He would never leave you. There is nothing like knowing that God is with you. For if it had not been for His grace and mercy.....I WOULD NOT BE HERE. But because of His great love for me and my family we are holding on to our faith and we will not let go....

I love this song and it has been on my heart all week.


Your grace and mercy brought me through
I'm living this moment because of You
I want to thank You and praise You too
Your grace and mercy brought me through

Justice demanded that I should die
But grace and mercy said
Oh no, oh no, oh no
We've already paid the price

I once was blind
But thank God I can see
It was because grace and mercy
Came along and rescued me

Your Grace and Mercy Lord brought me through. God bless you all.

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