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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Flying with wisdom from Ava Smith

I 'borrowed' this from my Pepsi loving friend Ava Smith.

danist soh
ARE YOU NURTURING YOUR BREAKTHROUGH? ....So I have talked to several people over the course of a week or so - all of whom need a breakthrough. I need one, too, in some areas and found myself VERY frustrated to the point that I had become somewhat cynical in my thinking. Today I reflected on some things I have said and some attitudes I displayed. I pondered on the negative words and dark affirmations that I was speaking over myself. I just felt like I deserved better and focu...sed on the fact that my breakthrough was not here.

Then it dawned on me that we are held responsible, in part, for our breakthrough. We are responsible for not only planting the seed, we are also responsible for making sure that we plant our seed in GOOD soil and that we NURTURE that ground so that it is not fallow. We need to till it with hope and expectation. We need to shine light upon it with faith, prayer, and belief in God's promises. We have to water it with positive affirmations and gratefulness.

Remember, some of us have a need of "little" breakthroughs, so your garden does not need a whole lot of work. SOME of us, however, need a HUGE breakthrough!!! Remember that where much is given - much is required! Instead of the tiny garden tool mentality, you may need a weed eater, a shovel (or in MY case an OX!). Whatever it takes - STICK to what is needed to keep that ground in the position to allow your greatness and your blessing to breakthrough. Don't let that seed die because of YOU!

*Sometimes you need to encourage YOURSELF!*

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