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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flying with Thursday's Word Good by Brenda Smith

Thursday's Word

DEFINED: Morally excellent or virtuous.
SCRIPTURE: “Wish good for those who harm you; wish them well and do not curse them.” (Rom 12:14)
It would be hard to find someone worse than Judas. Some say he was a good man with a backfired strategy. The Bible says, “Judas ……was a thief” (John 12:6). The man was a crook. Somehow he was able to live in the presence of God and experience the miracles of Christ and remain unchanged. In the end he decided he’d rather have money than a friend, so he sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver…Judas was a scoundrel, a cheat, and a bum.  How could anyone see him any other way?

We will condemn a person for doing bad things. We will soon forget whatever good they may have done in the past….it is all forgotten and we will only remember the bad. We often times cannot forgive and then we have placed our lives in the hands of Satan.  But Jesus was able to see something good in Judas. Only inches from the face of his betrayer, Jesus looked at him and said, “Friend, do what you came to do” (Matthew 26:50). What Jesus saw in Judas as worthy of being called a friend, I can’t imagine. But I do know that Jesus doesn’t lie, and in that moment he saw something good in a very bad man…..

He can help us do the same with those who hurt us.  We love to sing this song:

There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
No, not one!  No, not one!
None else could heal all our soul’s diseases
No, not one! No, not one!

Jesus knows all about your struggles. He will surely guide you around every obstacle, circumstance, and condition in your life. He has not and will never forget you!! 

May God continue to bless all of you is my prayer.

Brenda C. Smith

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