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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flying with roads leading somewhere

I have mentioned my running twin Yvonne from time to time and her victorious battle over cancer. She sent me a text last week telling me that it was back and she is gearing up to fight it again. This was a shock to me as I am sure it was for her. 
She on the road to treatment and I am sure another victory. Roads do not always lead us directly to where we want to do. We often have to go around mountains, over bridges, along trails, and other obstacles to reach our destination. That is part of the journey. It is not always pleasant but we make friends with our fears along the way and if we are fortunate we add new people who move at least part of the way with us. 

I am sending prayers to Yvonne and her family as well as all of the other brave souls who are on roads that are leading them down paths of uncertainty or long personal struggles. I hope they all end in glorious victories. 


Jo Hammers said...

Every man has a path to walk and skies to fly. What the energy for our feet is comes from Divine Source. What the spiritual fuel is that makes us fly also comes from the Infinite. Sad are the ones who don't use divine energy to walk and fly.Spiritual and everyday couch potatoes miss out on such marvelous life experiences, even if some takes us thru illness and the valley of death.

doretha said...

Thank you for your comments.

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