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Monday, July 7, 2014

Flying with a little bit of bourbon

A lot of people know I love cupcakes. I tell people that I run for cupcakes. But in actuality I do not eat them as much as I talk about them which is probably a good thing. I was pleasantly surprised when friends sent me a special cupcake from Kentucky. 
I was born in Kentucky. It brings to mind White Castle, playing pool in my cousin's house, and road trips with my family. My mother's side of the family is still there. 

In all of the times I have been in Kentucky, I have never ever had a bourbon cupcake. I have had rum cakes. I have had a very potent one when I was in the the Bahamas. But for some reason bourbon cupcakes never made it on my radar screen. Until yesterday. 

I patiently waited until after breakfast to eat it. Yes, I have eaten a cupcake for breakfast before but something about bourbon and breakfast did no seem right. And yes, I  know it was 5 o'clock somewhere. 

The cake was packaged in a glass jar. It was a mound of chocolately goodness with a healthy shot of bourbon. I believe the frosting was buttercream (my favorite) with bourbon laced through it and yet very sweet. 

I enjoyed my cupcake. I appreciated the thought as this was truly an unexpected blessing. I did not show a picture of the cupcake because it melted in the heat and the frosting was all on one side. It was not pretty when I got it, but it sure tasted great. 

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