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Friday, June 20, 2014

Flying when you can help

Elisabetta Foco
Do you know who needs help? Do you wait for someone to ask? And when she asks do you go tell your friends and then have a great laugh? Or do you pay attention and notice the subtle differences in her behavior? Is she quieter? More withdrawn? 

Are there universal signs of those in need of help? How exactly do you help someone especially if you do not have money? And do you help someone who does not appear to be helping herself? 

I cannot always tell when one of my friends needs help. So I try to let them know that I am always here for them in every encounter. I may just send a text or email to see how they are doing if we do not see them often. 

I do generally wait for someone to ask for help or at least appear to need it. I will also offer to help before I am asked. Maybe that is awful, but hey that is me. I do not blab to all of my friends. I do not laugh. And sometimes I miss the subtle behavior changes. Wow, I do not sound like a good friend. 

I think we should help someone every day. A simple smile, kind word or gesture is a great start. 

Today, pay attention to those around you. Someone may be in need of your help. 

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