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Friday, June 6, 2014

Flying on wishes and prayers

Do you wish upon stars? I used to sit for hours in the yard and make wishes on dandelions. Of course back then I had no idea that they were weeds and that by blowing on them I was actually weeding the lawn. I know better now and have not blown on  a dandelion in many years.

Nowadays I still wish upon a star when I remember to. But that requires me to stop and look up at the stars. That happens more often when I am running pre-dawn than any other time.

I do not wish for anything grand, I save my prayers for that. And I pray a lot and as I said before prayers are portable and invisible. The results are not invisible, but the act can be.

Purposeful prayers do not have to be showy. You do not have to stand up and announce to the world that you are praying. I do bless my food and people see that, but I rarely make a show of praying in public. In fact I do not think I ever have. Praying in church does not count. Everyone closes his/her eyes and prays or at least pretends to pray in church. I am not sure about wishes. I do hear people say aloud that they wish for something rather than they pray for something.

I pray more for others and wish more for myself. I do not know why that is just how it is for me.
Do you pin your hopes and dreams on wishes or prayers? Do you pray/wish mostly for yourself or others?

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