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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flying with blessings in flight

The other day was so filled with blessings that it was difficult to catch my breath. The blessings were not earth shattering or mind blowing. They were just 'thank goodness this happened' blessings.

First I was able to run 10 miles with a new friend. We chatted the entire way and that made the run much less stressful.

Next was finding a parking space with a broken parking meter downtown close to where we were going. It was a blessing especially since I was worrying about how much parking was going to cost.

Another blessing was a friend giving me two pints of organic strawberries from his farm. I did not even ask. And then buying $40 worth of groceries and only paying $21 thanks to sales and coupons. Every little bit helps.

I need to really pay more attention to the daily blessings around me. I need to be more gracious and hopeful for those and stop holding my breath for the in your face stop my heart kind. Not because I don't want them but because they do happen, but I am missing out on the smaller ones that can make my life a tiny bit easier.

Look back over the past couple of weeks. What are the blessings that you overlooked?