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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flying helpless

I am proud of myself, sort of. I actually picked up the phone and asked someone for help. That was a very difficult thing to do. It was difficult because at this stage of my life I tought things would be different. I am feeling so 50 plus and so not exactly fabulous. I know that I am allowed to feel this way every now and then. I am just allowed to stay in that moment.

Some days that moment sneaks up on me and I am held captive. I keep that quiet because I do not want to tarnish the image so as it is. And this is funny (not ha ha funny, but the other kind) because I am constantly making myself available to those who need my help. So why do I think that asking for myself makes me weak when I do not view that in others?

I cannot do it all nor should I expect that, but on some level I feel that if I cannot do it myself I should not have it. Silly I know, but I learned it somewhere.

If I can help, I should. If I need help I should ask. It is really that simple, not easy just simple.

Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.
Pope Paul VI

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