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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flying in the afterglow of the Marine Corps marathon

I ran the Marine Corps marathon on Sunday. It was my third marathon. I ran this one before in 2006 so I had a lot to compare it to. I did not beat Oprah's time. Honestly I never even thought about her until I saw her name and time on a sign. My goal was NOT to beat her time. My goal was to run my own race. I did not meet my goal, but I was closer than I have ever been. I know that I can meet or exceed that goal if I decide to do another marathon. I trained well this time. I was 45 pounds lighter this time. I did tons of yoga this time. I had very little race anxiety. I was ready.

My legs do not feel so sore this time. Well, they did a bit when I put on my heels. But if that is the price I have to pay for the weekend, so be it. It was worth it. 

"I run because it's so symbolic of life. You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles. You might feel that you can't. But then you find your inner strength, and realize you're capable of so much more than you thought."
-Arthur Blank

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