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Friday, September 20, 2013

Flying with Thursday's Word revival by Brenda Smith, part 2

Thursday's Word

Whenever a person comes to Christ they are a new creation and are given the opportunity to live a transformed life. When we came to Christ we became associated with His name, we became Christian. Every single person who claims to know Jesus either lifts His name or tears His name down. Why does God desire for His people to humble themselves? The word humble means to be in submission, to live in a state of surrender. When we humble ourselves, we are literally saying to God, you are in control of my life. To be humble means to be brought low.  When we humble ourselves before God we are allowing Him to bend us to His will.  One of the key principles of revival is a concerted effort in prayer. When we pray we are bringing our lives to intersect with God and in the moment that we meet with God something amazing happens; He pours Himself into our lives. This is why prayer is so absolutely essential to experiencing revival.
The only question that really remains is:  “Do you have the desire to be revived?”  If you want to experience personal revival, today is the day to seek God. If you want this church to see a corporate revival, today is the day to seek the Holy Spirit. If you want our community to see a mighty outpouring of power, today is the day to seek God in a mighty way.
God bless!

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