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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flying lefthanded, a re-post sort of

Yesterday was International Lefthanded Day and today I am feeling very left-handed. Funny, since I really do not know what that means. I was born left-handed and have been left-handed my whole life, but today I think I feel it. Yeah, sort of does not make sense. It just that today I woke up focused on being left-handed. I am not sure I have ever done that before.

I have always known that I was left-handed. My mother told me I was before I went to school. She taught me how to write so that I would not write upside down. She sat across from me and told me to hold my pencil like she did. I did and that saved me a lot of grief in school. I distinctly remember my various teachers exclaiming "Oh no! She is left-handed". Then sighing with relief and saying "I am so glad she already knows how to write". I also remember not learning how to bowl because all of the little left-handed kids were put on a lane away from the others and left there to 'just play'.

Being left-handed never seemed a big issue to me. It amazes me that others make a big deal out of it. When a person says to me "I did not know you were left-handed". I always wonder why it matters. I never think of a person in terms of their handedness. Does it really matter? Is it really important? Okay, there are times when it is. When I get a mouse for my computer that curves the wrong way, when I played softball and needed a glove, and probably some other ways that it is just too early in the morning for me to think about. But for whatever reason, I woke up today feeling left-handed. It wasn't a bad feeling, just a knowing feeling.

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