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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flying while jealous

Even if we don't want to admit it, there are times when we are jealous of another woman. It may be her hair, her car, her job, her husband, or any number of other things. Being jealous does not make you an evil person. It makes you human.

Tara Mohr says Jealousy isn’t inherently wrong or bad. Jealousy is meant to be a cue that informs us about what’s missing in our lives and what we long for. Yup, a helpful cue!

Jealousy becomes problematic when we don’t attend to the desire behind the jealousy. Then we act out in ways that hurt others.

She even has a seven step method to combat this syndrome:

Step 1: Wake Up and Smell the Jealousy.
Step 2: Be Compassionate.  
Step 3: Place your hand
Step 4: Investigate 
Step 5: Discern

Step 6: Name the Longings
Step 7: Own It, Accept It, Pursue it

Read the entire article by Tara Mohr

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