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Friday, June 28, 2013

Flying with hope by Brenda Smith, part 2

These three great characterists of God serve to give us hope even in the midst of battle! Because of Who our God is, we need not fear any enemy that should arise against us. Satan himself is no match for our sovereign God!  Our hope in the Lord should rest upon that which the Lord has done for us in the past. God did not fail us then, and He will not fail His children today. He is the same God with the same power that He has always been. He has never, and He will never change. Because He has been faithful in the past, we can count on His being faithful now. For just a moment...just think of all the things He has done for you; the victories He has won. The enemies He has vanquished. The mountains he has moved. The victories He has won. The Lord who performed those countless things in the past is still that same God today. That should give you hope.
How about a little help?  "Will I lift up my eyes to the hills? Whence should my help come from? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth" (Psalm 121). Looking back over these past soon to be six months, I know where may help came from....
My help did not come from where I live.
My help did not come from what I drive.
My help did not come from the schools I attended.
My help did not come from where I work.
My help did not come from any man or woman.
My help did not come from who or what I know.

No...saints...My help came from the Lord. 

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