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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flying while clipped by Brenda Smith, part 1

How many of you have gone to the beauty shop or barber shop and gotten your hair cut?  But, you asked for a clip.  To a barber you may say…”I just want a little off the top.”  To a beautician you may say…”Just clip the split ends.”  That may be most of your head of hair that is damaged by split ends.  For some reason they don’t hear the word ‘clip.’  I believe they are trained to cut and that is what they do most of the time.  But, I am still on the subject of birds. Don’t know why, but we have another story about a bird today.
Clipped wings could be contributing to why this bird is not desiring to come out of his cage. Clipped wings may have caused painful falls in the past.  We fall down, but we get up!  Also the ability to fly increases the bird’s confidence. If the bird wings are currently clipped, you will have to allow it time to grow out. If the bird can’t fly, he will have to spend a lot of time walking on the ground. Thus, increasing his chances of been eaten, being injured, or even killed. Many of us are walking around with clipped wings. We have been hurt. We have been set aside. We have been placed in cages of despair, anger, anguish, and even tormenting ourselves. We allow other people to place us in these cages. To prevent us from growing to our full potential, they will clip our wings. 

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