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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flying in the darkness

I love to run before the sun comes up. There is something magically wonderful about those hour before dawn. There isn't much to see, but there is beauty there. Sometimes it is the deer doing whatever deer do at that time of day. Other times it is the stars or a planet shining so brightly that I do even miss the moon. And there are times when it is the moon looking so close that I almost think I can touch it. Running in the dark I know that at the appointed time, the sun appears and the world changes. It is much brighter and often friendlier.

While I love being awake and witnessing the pre-dawn moments, I have trouble understanding that in life there are also mental dark moments. I am not sure why I am never secure in the knowledge that there is beauty and magic in those moments as well. Or why I do not realize that those moments will disappear or give the appearance of going away when the time is right. When the light appears, whether it takes minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years. 
No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.
George Chakiris

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