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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flying with possibilities

What is it that you most want to do? If you are not doing it, what is holding you back? Are there people in your life telling you that you should not be moving forward? 

Last week I heard that a young woman was competing in a scholarship program. The local winners wold get $1,000 toward college. Most of her family told her that she should not compete because she was not good enough. They said that college was not for her, that she should accept her station in life because she was not better than them. 

She competed anyway. She did not win, but I am sure her courage to attempt to better herself at such a young age will be the springboard she needs to get her to college and beyond. I am glad she reached beyond her comfort zone and her family to attempt something more. We call all be better if we just try. 

Dwell in possibility. 
Emily Dickinson

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