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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flying with a simple flight plan by Cookie (re-post)

Dear Ones,
When we have a fear of flying or we do not have a good flight plan, take a moment and review these steps.
Work on your situation... The skies above will be clear again in no time...
Try this mantra...
Aim high,

I will work on my situation, step-by-step, consistently, until I have fully overcome it. I have the power to overcome it.
I will replace it with self-esteem and glowing confidence. My success is absolutely assured. I can visualize my victory now. I will enjoy the challenge every step of the way, and when I get there, I will celebrate the glory of my victory, and of my freedom. The change in me has already begun.
Everything that man has created in this world is preceded first by a thought of that creation. Saying, thinking high, loving words or thoughts over and over raises the mind's vibration. It may be we have tended to focus on the negative side: criticizing ourselves and others, feeling guilty, finding fault, etc. Each time you succeed in focusing on higher ideals and thoughts for even a moment or two, congratulate yourself. Whenever, you think of it, remember to turn your attention to higher thoughts. Look for words that make you feel go when you say them to yourself. If you notice yourself feeling anxious or depressed, use positive, uplifting words to raise your energy. Such words as love, clarity, will, intent. Say I am strong, giving, caring, committed, abundant, radiant, light, enthusiastic, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed, serene. Just such inspiring words are sufficient. It is not necessary to make them into sentences or statements. When you think of the word peace, you connect with that natural peaceful vibration in the minds of millions in the world.

I am full of understanding and respect for all humanity.

When you feel yourself starting to beat yourself up about something, there’s a very simple technique that can help ease it. Pretend you are your best friend. How would you talk to your friend? You would never tell your best friend the things you tell yourself. You‘d never treat anybody the way you treat yourself. You wouldn‘t talk to somebody you love that way, would you? Give yourself the compassion, friendship, and support you would to anyone you care about.

Write or call someone who has helped you and express your appreciation. The more you express outwardly your gratitude and thankfulness for what you have, the more you change your molecular vibration away from the dense energy into finer levels. You may notice that highly evolved souls and great teachers spend much of their time appreciating and thanking the universe. In their meditation they feel true humility and gratitude for every thing they are given.