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Monday, August 17, 2009

Flying with my new GPS watch

I finally did it. I spend money on a watch. As a general rule, I do not wear watches. But there was something about this one. No, it isn't that cute and there are no diamonds on it. It has GPS. I bought it because I was so tired of running the same routes over and over again. This watch allows me to create routes on the fly. All I have to do is turn it on and run. It tells me how fast (or how slow) I am running, it tells me how far I have run, and if I get lost, it shows me how to get back to my starting point. It also gives me a virtual partner that runs at the pace of my choosing. This watch gives me freedom. It gives me the freedom to run on the beach without having to map out the route first. It gives me the freedom to run through subdivisions fully knowing where to turn around to get a good six miles. Right here and right now, that is exactly what I need. I no longer have to 'think' about where to run. I can just run and let my watch keep the score.

Is there something in your life that gives you a sense of freedom? Is it your car? A book? Or something a bit more intrinsic? We all need to experience freedom. Please find something to help you obtain that feeling.

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