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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flying without English peas

I hate peas. You know, the small green ones that are called English or sweet peas. I hate them. I have always hated them. One of my mother's dear sistergirlfriends still tells people about the time when I was two or three that I had my mother take the skin off of the peas so I would eat them. My mother insists that she never actually took the skin off, but I am not so sure.

The other day I was talking to my Aunt Corinne who is 91 years old. We were talking about the chicken pot pie from Kentucky Fried Chicken. She said it was good, but the mixed vegetables in it were mostly carrots and English peas. She then exclaimed that she hated the peas. I got excited because she is the only other person in the world that I know other than me who hates peas! So now I can say that my hatred of peas is heredity!

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