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Friday, April 3, 2009

Flying with the one or in the meantime, pt. 2

The lesson continues. I hope you are learning something. I hope I am, too. Still thinking about that tattoo.

Tricks and games may succeed in getting a marriage proposal, but where will that leave the marriage? Will it be based upon honesty and truth, or something else? When we surrender relationships to God, there is no need for the little games or dishonest tricks people play. There is only love, and love knows what is best for us. Truly, it does. Do you have a question relating to how to recognize 'in-the-meantime' vs. 'the One'?

It is so clear, when we meet someone who we love, that loving them is right. There is no doubt, no hesitation. Yes, it is useful to take our time, use safe discretion, and let the friendship bloom into love as we move forward in the relationship. It is important to let our love mature in a natural progression (see "The Intimacy Scale " by Jessica Haynes , for more information about the progression of love). Yet, it is wise and good to let our love mature over time (see: "Don't Cowboy Up" for more on this subject). When we are in love and have met our soul mate, none of the other relationships compare.

It is as if they were all just warm-ups. Playing scales on an instrument is nothing like the thrill of playing an improvised solo in front of an audience of people cheering and dancing. It is the same with love. If you are in a meantime relationship, you might ask yourself if you are ready to meet your own "The One" soul mate partner. If the answer to this question is, without doubt, "yes," then you are probably able to live without the meantime partner as a primary part of your life.

I learned that in order to have our true love develop and find us we literally must be unwilling to do any more meantime relationships. We must be absolutely certain that we have put our trust in a force that always delivers at the right place and at the right time -- our higher self resonates clearly when true love occurs. This is we are then in tune with God, and with our partner, so that we may become, as the biblical expression states, "equally yoked." When we both experience this level of commitment to knowing our soul mate, and knowing that love when we see it, the opportunity for soul mate love to blossom finally enters our life.

Living our life free of the distractions of conditional relationships is a freeing experience. I found it to be worthy of the name: L-O-V-E. My hope is that others will find this to be true, as well, and not "settle" for their meantime partner

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