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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flying with my SPI belt

Recently I bought a SPI (small personal item) belt because I needed to run with my cell phone. I felt that I was at the mercy of anyone who happened along if I needed assistance. That was not a very comfortable feeling especially since I had a stalker (a story for another time, maybe, maybe, maybe not). have an issue with things bouncing when I run, so I was very leery about the belt. Let me just say, I love it. It does not bounce and I have a layer of comfort having my cell phone with me. Yes, I know that if someone comes behind me and bashes my head in, the cell phone might now help much, but let's pray that I am never faced with that situation. Anyway, I have been running with the belt for about two weeks and this past weekend it paid off.

While I was on the last two miles of my six mile run, I saw a man who was limping while walking very slowly. I asked him if he needed to call someone. He told me that he was just going to walk home. I told him that I had a cell phone and he could use it to call someone. He quickly looked me up and down and in surprise asked "You do?" unzipped my SPIbelt and to his amazement pulled out my cell phone. The belt is tiny. He called someone to come get him and thanked me.

I felt like a superhero. I saved the day with my SPIbelt. I flew home the rest of the way. I highly advice people to run with a cell phone.

Check out the SPI belts at and get this, it was invented by a woman! I have the Susan G. Komen ribbon belt.

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