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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flying past 50

A dear sistergirlfriend is freaking out because she is about to reach the big 50. I can somewhat understand her feelings. I freaked out at 20 and again at 35. My grandmother dying on my 35th birthday did not help matters. Any way, my friend has been reading the obituary columns and remarking on how many 50 year olds are dying daily.

In an attempt to console her, I reminded her that she is an intelligent, beautiful, and healthy woman. She has run two marathons and has lost about 70 pounds. My words are not helping. So, now I am trying a new tactic. I found this in More magazine. A woman talked about being over 50. The entire article may be found at

On Being Over 50: "The best thing about being 50 is that I have come to a point where I realize I can choose happiness! We spend all our lives fretting over something. We worry about our kids, stress over our jobs, run from the boardroom to the PTA meeting, constantly thinking and rethinking about the problems of the day. I have finally learned that as all the concerns of the day pass through my head, I have the power and the obligation to dwell on the happy thoughts. Happy thoughts melt the lines on your face, put the sparkle in your eye and the roses back in your cheeks."

Okay, dear sistergirlfriend, I hope this helps. You have much to be proud of and so much more to accomplish. At the very least, remember that.

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