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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flying on Facebook

I did it. I yielded to the peer pressure of my dear sistergirlfriends and now have a Facebook account. It is quite interesting, the world of Internet social networking. I did stop at putting if I was interested in men and all the other stuff related to on-line dating. I am just not ready to take that leap, despite that at least five of my dear sistergirlfriends met and married wonderful men that way. I am way too cautious. I figure if the guy can lie to my face, what could he do to me on-line. Yes, I am a true cynical when it comes to matters of MY heart.

Anyway, last night I received friend requests from a lot of people in the span of one hour. Since I just started, I am not exactly sure how they found me so fast. I also received requests from people I swear I have never heard of. So, please do not be upset with me if I ignored you. Just re-send the request with an short refresher reminding me who you are! I am thinking that maybe some of the requests were from people I knew and they have different last names or something. Or maybe, they think I am someone else. Or, maybe they are friends of my friends and they want to be my friend, too. Yes, I am already spending too much time thinking about this. But for right now, this is fun. I am waiting for my high school sweetheart to find me. There is only one small problem, I did not have one. I did not have a college one either. Oh well.

I encourage anyone who has not ventured into the world of Facebook, try it out. I will advise you not to post anything that could potentially embarrass you later. I would keep that naked picture of you hanging from the chandelier in the bottom of your junk drawer.

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