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Thursday, August 28, 2008

something that made me go hhmmm...

The 100th anniversary of the unearthing of the Venus of Willendorf is coming up.
Are you familiar with the Venus of Willendorf?

The Venus of Willendorf and carvings like her are thought by the majority of scholars to be fertility objects, or symbols of an earth goddess cult.

The Venus is an idealization of the female figure. Her breasts and swollen belly, are heavily pronounced, suggesting a strong connection to fertility.

The idea of a fertility goddess or mother goddess is found through out most (if not all) cultures of the world.
Perhaps at one time she was THE ideal of beauty?

What I find ironic is a t-shirt company has created a tee shirt featuring the Venus of Willendorf, but it doesn't come in a size that someone built like the Venus could wear.

Just one of those things that make you go hhmmmmmmm?

I could not get my computer to post a photo. Please google her.

Flying like the goddess I look like,

Aim High,


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