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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Do we ever stop to think about who or what annoys us and WHY?
Why Do we hold on to something long after the offense has past?
These people and events are our own MIRRORS.
Just something to thing about.
Today, live with Passion.
Aim High,
People's feelings would not annoy you unless you had similar feelings,attitudes or behaviors yourself – however minor they may be. Imagine that other people in your life are playing out roles to mirror back to you certain parts of yourself. When they act in ways you don'tlike, they are mirroring back to you a part of yourself that you haven't yet learned to love. As you learn to love and find the beautyin others, you will become unaffected by their energies. You will also be sending love to the part of yourself that has similar feelings. As you learn to love every part of yourself, you will raise your vibrationand no longer attract those kinds of people into your life
(from the book, Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)

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