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Friday, August 29, 2008

Flying with 3 sisters in the fight from Charleston

I must admit that I know very little about the suffrage movement. I know even less about the women from Charleston, SC. There was a fascinating article written in last Sunday's Faith and Values section of the Post & Courier called Celebrating equality Center for Women plans events to focus on issues still affecting women by Adam Parker. He highlighted the work of Carrie, Mabel and Anita Pollitzer who part of the Congressional Union (renamed the National women's party). You can read the entire article at

  • Carrie raised $3,000 for separate bathrooms so that women could attend the College of Charleston in 1918.
  • Mabel Pollitzer, lobbied the Legislature to fund a public library, the first in Charleston. It opened in 1930. More than 400 showed up the first day.
  • Anita Pollitzer became friends with Alice Paul. She was the one we should thank for Tennessee's vote. She spoke to the mother of Harry Burns , age 24, the state's youngest legislator. His mother sent him a telegram on the day of the vote urging him to allow her to vote before she died. Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the amendment.
I know there are more stories of heroic women. If you have one, please share it. The women do not have to be world renown, it may the woman who took you to register to vote, it may be a teacher. The only criteria is that the woman must be one of many who flew so that we can vote today.

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