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Friday, August 22, 2008

Flying for fried chicken and french fries

Monday was a bad day for me. I was completely bummed. I am not exactly sure why I felt so weird. Maybe it is because I realized that month end is during the Labor Day weekend and I wanted my holiday to be labor free. I worked last Labor Day and just did not want to work this one. I know, I know, get over it. Maybe I was bummed because my THING has not happened and I am getting anxious and impatient. Or maybe it was for none of the reasons I mentioned or all of them.

Whatever the reason, I wanted to eat my weight in fried chicken and french fries. That's right, fried chicken and french fries. Not usually my meal of choice, but that is what I wanted. Spicy fried chicken and sweet potato fries. Isn't it wonderful to have choices? Well, I chose to go to water aerobics and skip the friend chicken and fries. I am so glad I did. I had an amazing workout in cool waters. I was able to turn my head off and just go with the flow. I think I needed that much more than eating my weight in chicken.

The moral to this story is that made it through another day. Somehow, someway, by the grace of God I am here. I am still bummed about Labor Day, but hopefully my THING is just around the corner.

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