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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

dog days of summer

These are the dog days of Summer. Here in Charleston, SC it is 98 degrees in the shade with about 110% humidity...
I want to turn into a cool modern art statue that is housed in a museum somewhere like Toranto...
But I know this thought will pass, and so will the heat.
We have very little to celebrate in our imediate future but Labor Day and the promise of fall.
We do have lots to appreciate and to be grateful for...
You are making graditude lists right? RIGHT???
Well, today I do have something to celebrate and to be grateful for...
The Charleston City Paper did a nice story about me and my art.
Here is the link to it:
I know this seems like a bit of a brag, and so it is.
But celebrate with me and I will be there to do the same for you...
It feels good to be recognized. I hope I do it enough for others.
Do you? Any tips on how to celebrate and recognize sister friends when they are "aiming high?"
I am joyfully cheering for all of you who are sharing this blog.
I know you are "making it work" every day...
Cheers to you and me!
Aim High,


doretha said...

You go sister girlfriend! I am celebrating with you! I am so proud of you. I am honored to know you. I sent the link to everyone I know. I hope the exposure brings new adventures for you and lots of clients!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the things you are posting on this blog. I'm thrilled Doretha chose to initiate this avenue of connection for people. I was really hoping to find someone to make a wedding dress since I'm sad to say I never really learned to sew. It hasn't stopped me from trying as those in the store chuckled at my having a couple of patterns but not knowing how to sew. I'm glad to also know that you are in the area doing quilts. I looked online and purchased something from a woman in California regarding "how to". In the awakening of maturity I'm choosing to find projects I honestly enjoy. I have wanted to learn how to quilt for some time and want to make one for my future husband.Thanks for sharing yourself with us.