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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Big U-Mart

I have been noticing lately lots of people focusing on things they do not want. They leave a job and continue to bitch about it, they have left that man and continue to point out his flaws, they continue to focus on the weight they do not want to weigh... This does not make us happy...
Today let's try to see, talk about, focus on and think about only what it is you want to experience.
I present this fable to help.
Aim high with Focus on what we want.

The Big U-mart Store Analogy

The Universe is like a giant department store filled with everything you could ever imagine wanting.

You and your vibration are your cart.

As you walk around this magnificent store and look at all the beautiful and wonderful things that you could possess, think about how awesome it is that,no matter what you put in your cart, you can afford it.

This is the kind of store that wants you to have these things so much, it's willing to give you anything you put in your cart for FREE! No strings attached!

All you have to do is pick up the things you want, and hold them in your cart. Isn't the Universe GRAND!

Now, pick up something you don't want.

Something that doesn't appeal to you at all.

Now put it in your cart and carry it around the store with you and think about how much you don't want it.
Then, every time you pass another patron, show them the thing in your cart that you don't want and go on and on and tell them all about how much you don't want it, but how it's in your cart, and you don't know what to do about it being in your cart, because you know you're sure do not WANT to own it!

Of course that would be the silliest thing you've ever seen.

Why on earth would you pick something up and hold it and carry it around and talk about it if you didn't want to take it home with you and keep it?!

But that's what you do when you choose to pick up thoughts about things, or people, or events you don't want and carry them around with you in your mind.

Your mind goes all a twitter with ideas and strategies and conversations with people who aren't even present over an issue that doesn't even exist except within your mind.

If you really were in a department store, you would reach the exit and see that thing in your cart that you don't want, and you'd take it out and give it to your cashier and you'd say, "Excuse me, I don't want this." and she'd politely take it from you and return it to it's rightful place after you'd gone.

In the "Universe Department Store" it's too late.

When you picked it up and put it in your cart, it became yours.

Here's the trick.
If you're walking around holding the things in your cart that you want and you end up with something in your cart that you DON'T want, the trick to getting rid of it is easy.

Stop, pick up the thing you don't want, thank it for providing the contrast that helped you realize you want something different, then set it safely aside and walk on in search of the things you do want,
not happy to be RID of the thing you didn't want, but happy to have discovered you wanted something different and thankful you have a choice!

Thank you for shopping Big U-mart. Have a GREAT day!