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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maximum Evolvement

Maximum evolvement occurs at the border of chaos and order.

Therefore, If you ever get everything just so,
you end up attracting or creating new confusion just to keep on the edge,
to make things challenging, and to guarantee continued development.
Whether you know it consciously or not,
you have an undeniable impulse to grow,
so you automatically put things in place to ensure that growth.
Dr John DeMartini

I heard a story of "maxmium evolvement" this week.

James Bevel was one of the key strategists of the civil rights movement. But he was also a child predator, who exploited the trust of his family by molesting his daughter Aaralyn Mills.
Monday I heard this story on NPR's wonderful African American focused talk show,
"Tell Me More" hosted by Michel Martin.

Aaralyn Mills took on a tremendous task, by pressing charges in this case. She did it to save a younger sister still living with her father. She was called a liar, received hate mail, and even death threats, but she did the right thing. Not just for her self, for after news of the case broke, women from all across the country got in touch with her saying her father had also violated them. Aaralyn stopped this man from harming other young girls and, I am sure put an end to the nightmare she and her sisters had lived with for years.
What does this have to do with flying, you ask?
When we can evolve out of our chaos, we break the chains that grounded us.
For some, the burden of being a victim of childhood sexual abuse can keep us grounded all our lives. This brave young woman broke her chains, those of her sisters and of women she may never meet.
I honor Aaralyn Mills and I thank her for her courage and her ability to teach me that you can break free of all the things down here on the ground that will keep us from flying.
Peace and courage to all today,


doretha said...

All I can say is wow. It reminds me a tad about Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas.People display courage in the most fascinating ways. I think the most courageous people are not the ones we see on television. I can truly relate to that poem. In fact, it will be on my bathroom mirror tonight!

Anonymous said...

Personal, powerful, enlightening and sad. Thank you for sharing this info and the link.

I am an anonymous woman in this world.

Much love to all of you who are sharing these stories of strength, hope and inspiration.