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Monday, June 9, 2008

Flying with a head trip

Have you ever been disappointed by someone or something? How do deal with that? Do you confront that person? Do you pretend it never happened? Do you live with regrets? Do you cut them off? Do you change course? Do you simply stop and stare?

I am learning to handle disappointments much better. I am learning the art of forgiveness. I am learning to release some of the baggage I carry around.

One of my favorite sayings comes from another discontinued Philosophy product. It is a hair conditioner called Head Trip. The bottle said:
The ultimate trip is the head trip. We believe in something or someone only to later discover it all an illusion. We trip, we fall, and sometimes we shatter. What we lose is the time invested, what we gain is a great awakening.

So the next time something or someone disappoints you, look at it as an opportunity. Maybe it was bad timing, bad choices, bad planning or whatever. Learn from it. Whatever you do, however long it takes, just keep flying.

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