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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes We Can!

Right now we are having technical difficulties. I am trying to figure out how to have all the comments show up. But anyway, here is another great comment.

We can fly...I spent some time thinking about the title to this blog. Yes, we can fly. We can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens us! The question is: do we BELIEVE we can fly??There is so much opportunity out there--and for the young lady who can't find that opportunity, make it! There is not anything that we cannot do--there is no business that we can't start, no salary we can't earn, no happiness that we can't find--we can do ALL things! Even on Yes we certainly can fly! But we must first jump, spread our wings, and trust that elevation will come...


dlg said...

Today I had job interview, one of a couple I already went on. and The interview itself went well but when I listened to the recruiter talking about the job, I realized this was not what I wanted to. I am thankful for the opportunity to interview because practice is good, but I'm still searching for the job that'll allow me to excel. That's why for other people looking for their first job, I'd say interview often because finding the perfect job is a process, a journey. I am traveling on this journey and finding out new things about myself. I have found out two things so far: be prepared and try to interview often.

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