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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Supportive Flying

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about my most successful flights. I realized that I did not make those flights solo. I had support from many people whose sole mission was to aid me in my flight. The most recent illustration of this was when my running partner Pam and I ran 20 miles. This was in preparation for running the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am so proud of us.

I love to brag about our route:

Begin at Hampton Park, parking area by the restrooms.
Circle Hampton Park on Moultrie
Left on Hagood
Right on Fishburne
Left on Lockwood
Left on Broad
Right on Ashley
Right on Tradd
Left on Murray
Left on East Bay
Over the Ravenel
Coleman, left on Rifle Range
Right on IOP Connector
Right on Ocean Blvd
Right on 3rd Ave
Left on Chas Blvd
Left on Palm Blvd
End at parking lot

Anyway, before we made that long trek we understood the need for assistance. I picked up the phone and recruited sister girlfriends to help. Everyone I asked agreed to come. Some thought we were crazy, but quickly realized that their mission on that day was in support of us. This was not the calling of their winds.

Our friends got up early that Saturday morning and went to their designated areas providing us with Gatorade, water, sport jelly beans, Excederin, and signs. Yes, someone made signs for us to see how far we had run! A day spa on our route even opened its doors for us for an additional bathroom and water station.

Our training culminated with a huge feast prepared by our Gatorade sister girlfriend. From time to time she would meet us on our routes and bring the Gatorade. We would have perished without her.

The moral of this story is that Pam and I completed our marathon flight. We did not complete it alone. We had many people flying to support of us.

Who has flown in support of your flight, no matter how big or small? Could it be your hairdresser? A neighbor who cut your grass when you need to put your house on the market? Another sister girlfriend?

Who have you knowingly flown in support of? Someone who needed her paper read before turning it in? A neighbor who needed someone to take her to surgery? Someone who just needed a shoulder to cry on?

We are all in need. We need people to fly around us to lift our spirits. We need people flying their missions around us so that we can soar. We need to fly in support of others as well. I think it is in that role where I develop my strengths and sharpen my compassion.

People are watching. You may be the only Bible (or other holy book) that someone reads today. You may be the only person someone passing by sees flying today or tomorrow or ever. What an amazing blessing to be able to touch a life in that way. So, today when you take flight for yourself or in support of someone, fly high. Fly gloriously and fly so that others may find their own wings.


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