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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Flying to Montgomery

I am flying to Montgomery, AL tomorrow. I am a bit frazzled because I am not the world's greatest packer. I am not even in the top 2 billion. I keep throwing things in my bag. Since I am flying that needs to stop because I am not checking a bag. I am taking one carryon. So I need to pack smart which is not something I do well. And my mom is not here to help me. And yes, I was in the Army and no, I did not learn how to pack then either.

Aside from my packing woes, I am getting excited. I am going to run from Selma to Montgomery with my Charleston crew. The ladies I ran at 4am with. And truth be told, I really miss those days and those runs. I struggle now getting up to be at the pool or the gym at 6am. Times have changed along with my location.

This relay is important because it was my dream to do this. It is important because we must remember that those before us paved the way for us. We do not have to run this relay in the footsteps of those who marched the 54 mile trek. We choose to because we honor them and we honor our right to vote without poll taxes, being beaten, or any obstacles in our path. (Yes, there are new obstacles such as voter ID and reduced early voting, but we will tackle those another time.) This race is in commemoration, celebration, and honor.

I am running the first leg which goes across the infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge. It was here that voting rights marchers were violently confronted by law enforcement personnel on March 7, 1965. The day became known as Bloody Sunday. This weekend the law enforcement will be on our side protecting us from traffic.

I will not pretend that this relay will accomplish or achieve the same impact of the march in 1965. I only hope that it gently mimics the road paved for us and gently reminds us that there is still many more miles to cover-literally and figuratively.