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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flying feeling pretty bad ass

Yes, I am feeling pretty bad ass today and I am sure I am not alone. Over the weekend 12 of us ran the Palmetto 200 mile relay. That is correct, we ran 200 miles. Actually it was 205.4 miles. And that certainly qualifies us as being bad ass. In fact, it qualifies us as bad ass for a few more days if not months.

It wasn't easy. We did not know most of each other. We packed way to much stuff. And we slept outside under the stars, under trees, sitting up in the van, or anywhere else we could find. this was a 36 hour operation.

We did not think out of the box like the team who were inserting IVs into their veins. I have no idea why, but maybe for hydration? We did not ride in our van to a convenient spot, get out and run. We earned our medal the hard way. We ran. We ran and we ran hard. I did sort of fib about my mile time. At least I lied saying I was slower. And my actual time was a surprise to the team captain. I will admit that I had a fear of getting lost in the dark just like I did in my last marathon. I ran hard to say close to the people in front of me. I also dodged a lot of oncoming traffic.

The churches along the way were very hospitable. They allowed us to use their bathrooms (we were so over port-a-potties), wash with warm water, sleep on their pews, gave us free snacks and water, and were just very, very, very nice people.

It was a feat worth doing. I am glad and very honored to be on the team. I slapped that finisher magnet on my car so fast when we were done. The others did the same. I don't ever have to do this again, but I just might.