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Monday, August 10, 2015

Flying not knowing

I have no idea how my struggle will end. I am constantly doing the best I can (okay, maybe not always but a good portion of the time). I have been reminded that I am enough that I am doing enough and now I am trying my best to wake up with that thought every morning. 

Daniela Cuevas

I mean I have amazing stories of incredible things happening to my friends. Things that no one of us could have seen a month ago. Things happen like that. Not giving up the fight is key. Maintaining faith as big as a mustard seed is also paramount in times like these. So is being grateful and gracious afterwards as well as doing the process. 

So I wake up every day thanking God for what is about to happen. And at night I thank Him for whatever has happened especially when I do not understand it. And trust me that has been happening a lot these days. 

And it has been working. I have been receiving blessings that I could have never imagined. And I am so thankful for the little blessings: finding a quarter on the sidewalk when I am out running, an invitation to a luncheon that I did not know about, reconnecting with an old friend, no rain until immediately after my run, running shoes on sale, and other things like that. Things that do not stop the world but things that just make it just a little bit sweeter. And we all want things to be just little bit sweeter. 

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