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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flying even when your well runs dry, a re-post

Lately I have been feeling like my well has run dry. I am all out of inspiration and certainly do not have any new ideas at work. I am toast and I am not at all sure how I arrived at this destination. It is much too early in the year for me to feel this way or maybe it is a carryover from last year. Regardless, here I am without water in my well.

Fortunately, I am not alone in this feeling. Here is a taste of  what Shann wrote:

If you share this feeling that your well is dry, I have a couple of questions for you.

1.What might it look like to live a life overflowing with abundance including time to be more then the roles you play?

2.How do you want to define yourself in the next chapter of your life?

When you have answered these questions you are ready to tap into an overflowing well of inspiration.

•Evaluate your commitments

How much are you asking of yourself outside of work, family, and social time? Are you filling up every second of your time with tasks and responsibilities? Can you carve out an hour of time for yourself every day? What can you let go of?

•Get Silly!

One of the best teachers in my life is my daughter Marin. This child is straight silly. While discussing what to make for dinner the other night we mentioned making big tossed salads. Within moments Marin was singing “Big Tossed Salad” and dancing around the laundry room. Children have a way of reminding us to be silly. Get your silly on!

•Ask For Help

When is the last time you asked a friend, peer or family member for help? Are you trying to do to much on your own? You are not meant to be a martyr. You are not weak if you ask for assistance. You are only as strong as your network of support. Reach out and allow yourself the help you need.

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