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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flying because I let go

As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the Story People. I recently read this quote by them:

Fast Forward
Fast forwarding through her messages hoping to hear from old boyfriends
who finally realize the treasure they've thrown away.

While this did not exactly happen to me over the weekend, the boyfriend that I had when I was 21 found me on Facebook. This is the guy who, when I was 21, dumped me for a 14 year old girl. In fact, this girl was in school with my sister! In the recent correspondence, he made no mention of reconnecting, he did mention that he changed his name to reflect his heritage, and was curious about my present life. All I can say is interesting.

I have no bitterness towards him. I was 21 a very , very long time ago. I have no desire to reconnect, to chat over coffee (which I do not drink), or to do anything. That is the power of letting go and moving on. I am free not to wonder what if and certainly not to walk down memory lane, because I do have distinct memories of my life with him and there is nothing that I want clarified, analyzed, and definitely not repeated. It was what it was and I will not go into detail.

As it turns out, he is happily married with two girls. It is a good thing that I let go. Can you imagine where I would be if I was holding on to the emotions that I had back then?

Is there something or someone you should let go? Trust me, letting go is one of the most pleasant experiences you will ever have.

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