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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flying with Thursday's Word by Brenda Smith

Thursday's Word

Colin Carey

The reality is that many normal Christians walk away from their faith for periods of time, for whatever reason. Challenges and temptation spin people around and bring them to their knees. Especially where hurt, shame, doubt, or lack of support is involved, it’s easy to walk or run away from the faith-based life. But what about our testimonies?  Have we forgotten we are to be witnesses in the earth?

It’s Time to Get Real

The way we do testimonies needs to change. If we are still trying to make church, faith, and Christian living real, testimonies need to get real, too. We can’t act like our struggles magically disappeared when we accepted Christ.  Anything but the truth does a disservice to ourselves, to truth, and to each other. People can identify with struggle. We all are struggling on one level or the other. But it is the testimonies that we are able to share with others that God will use to strength them. Do not be ashamed, or afraid to let others know you have been through things. One of the biggest reasons people stay away from Church is because they think the ones there are “perfect.”  They think they are not allowed to struggle.

Struggle is a reality. Temptation is a reality. Failure is a reality. Yes, even for those who are actively walking with Christ.

 We can and should work to change Christian culture so that struggle doesn’t have to be so embarrassing. The reality of Christ is that shame isn’t ours to bear (Isaiah 61:7). The reality of living in faith is that Christians need to support each other (Ephesians 4, 5). “One Lord, one faith, one baptism,  One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” Telling real testimonies is key for that.

When Christians relay their stories as if their  stories, these become powerful turning points that happened along the road that built their faith and trust in God. Allow others to witness through your life and your testimony just how Good God Is!!!  You do not have to share it with the world: within your ministry groups, within your family(some family members think we who are strong never struggle, because we continue to take everything on)… Share your testimony with a stranger…you can see their struggle with addictions, alcohol, drugs, food,  etc.  We have not always been saved. We have been in the world, so we need to witness to those who can benefit from the testimony of Jesus Christ. If you know of a place where others can get a free meal, let them people who are struggling know.