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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Flying for the bling

Last week as amazing. I got to hang out with my cousin in Buffalo, NY and eat at Duff's. I think the wings there are much better than those at the Anchor Bar, but go try for yourself.  

This is the first time I ran a race for the bling (the medal)I ran my first international race, the Niagara Women's half marathon.I ran my 18th half marathon. I just had to have the medal with Harriet Tubman on it. She took slaves across to Canada. It was truly an honor to walk and run somewhere near her journey. Isn't it pretty? It is also the prettiest racing bib I have ever received.

I slept in a room with a view of Niagara Falls which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world in North America. Here are some facts: Six million cubic feet (168,000 cubic meters) of water flow over the crest every minute during high flow, an average of four million cubic feet (110,00 cubic meters, and the falls (there are three: the American, the bridal veil, and the horeshoe) are located between twin cities of Niagara Falls, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario. And I met Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to register and run the Boston marathon). Yup, I did all that in one weekend. I also made it to Niagara on the Lake a quaint town located on Lake Ontario.

The weekend was good for a variety of reasons. I needed to get away from reality for a hot minute. I have so many moving parts that it was refreshing to step out of them. I was with wonderful women. I tasted local wines. I got to just walk leisurely until the race of course. It was a refreshing break and it made me once again thankful for the paths that Harriet Tubman and Kathrine Switzer carved out for me. I proudly accept the challenge to continue to make things better for those who come after me.  

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